LOSTCABIN Brewing notes updated 3/8/09
We brew mostly ale recipies. Our brewing "apparatus" is home made and has evolved over the years. The basic design is a Rimms recirculation for mash, stainless brew kettle and counter-flow wort chiller. Our basic process consists of these brewing steps:
Startup: wash... everything and assemble, weigh and crack grains and all that other stuff
dough-in at/around 50 degress C
30 minute protein rest
45 minute rise to 67 degrees C
45 minute hold at 67-70 degrees C
raise to 75 degrees C
sparge to brew volume (currently 19 gallons +/-) keeping temp above 75 degrees C
heat to boil and add primary bittering hops
at 30 minutes boil time - add irish moss
after 1 hour boil - heat off - add finish hops
cool - at 90 degrees C - pump through wort chiller
at 30 degrees C - rack to primary
Ferment on the cool side of yeast scale, 1 week
Rack to secodary by dropping off 1 quart of spooge
Ferment in secondary for 1 week
Rack to soda kegs and force pressurize, 30lb/30sec CO2 with agitation
Age appropriatly, serve with 3-5 lb CO2, ENJOY!

Pictures - click to open a bigger picture
cracking grains
Per cracking the grains for the mash
yeast starter in incubator
Yeast starter solution
brewery setup
brewery in action - racking to fermenter
wort chiller
counter flow wort chiller

mashing setup (note dribbles on floor from overspray)
the brewers
the brewers having lunch during mashing

racking to fermenter
the brewers
brew pots out of the way and clean-in place assembled